Audi Seattle desired a dealership technology solution they could adopt with confidence. After one year on the automotiveMastermind (Mastermind) platform, they could not be more pleased. In the last year they have consistently exceeded Audi’s national benchmarks for brand, customer, and dealership loyalty. According to Sales Manager Cory Pollock, Mastermind is “the integrated technology solution that motivates team members, while yielding measurable results and ROI.”


Despite the dealership’s strong performance, equity mining tools they tested did not have the impact they anticipated. Most technologies failed to meet their needs. Post initial sale, there was no on-going training, a lack of responsiveness when needed, leaving them with the sense that they’d been oversold and underserviced.

Cory Pollock Sales Manager Audi Seattle


Audi Seattle credits Mastermind with fueling their leading-edge car sales success:

  • Behavior Prediction Scores® (BPS) from 0-100 based on how likely that customer is to buy today or in the near future
  • Behavior Prediction Drivers (BPD) framing smart, meaningful, tailored conversations with every customer, connecting with their personalized motivations for purchase
  • An intuitive easy-to-use interface providing new team members, even reluctant technology adopters with actionable information right at their fingertips
  • Micro-targeted Predictive Marketing Campaigns, designed to nurture customers through their car buying journey
  • Unparalleled customer support provided by Mastermind Dealer Relations Managers (DRMs) who provide regularly scheduled training and dealer support services every 4-6 weeks
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