MarketSmarterTM to amplify the value of your dealership’s marketing spend

Our Predictive Marketing Campaigns send the right marketing materials to high-potential car buyers in the optimal digital or physical format.

Why Predictive Marketing?
Engage ready to buy highly-qualified consumers
Reach the right people

Our proprietary algorithm crunches thousands of data points to create a Behavior Prediction Score™ for each potential dealership customer. This allows us to send targeted automotive marketing campaigns to those who are ready to buy.

Strike at the right time

Your customers will only receive campaign communications when our customer data platform predicts they are receptive to buying a new vehicle — which could be several months in a row, or just periodically.

Motivate action

We customize marketing communications at each touch point and incorporate innovative automotive marketing strategies that result in the highest open rates in the industry and the lowest cost-per-sale.

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Case Studies Driving Dealership Loyalty with Personalized Intelligence
Audi of Tusla's partnership with automotiveMastermind has resulted in improved customer experience, increased conquest sales, and an outstanding CTR and Open Rate for emails.
Brochures Predictive Marketing Campaign Cycle
Mastermind's sales platform allows for your dealership to deliver personalized marketing communications to your customers through its predictive campaign cycle, improving your ROI.
Videos Dealerships Predict Smarter with Mastermind

Mastermind takes the guesswork out of the process, enabling you to SellSmarter™ and more profitably…

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