Believing in the value of predictive analytics back in 2015, Jim Norton Toyota hired one of the leading providers of data mining technology for the automobile industry. In time, the dealership realized that it’s not just a set of numbers – it’s HOW the data is leveraged – is what transforms high-level prospects into highly profitable buyers. So, the store looked for a data provider that offers meaningful and actionable insights and selected automotiveMastermind (Mastermind) as its new data-driven technology and marketing partner.


Over the last few years, the Oklahoma dealership has ranked #18-20 among 157 Gulf States Toyota stores. It has maintained this level of success by serving its customers’ complete vehicle needs.

Michael Rentschler General Manager Jim Norton Toyota


A two-year, listless relationship with its data mining firm was described by store management as “fine, but not a full package.” Jim Norton Toyota wanted more: “A way to make predictive analytics productive and profitable.”

The Solution

An active partnership between Jim Norton Toyota and Mastermind has transformed the store’s selling process, and bottom line, in just two months.


Michael Rentschler, General Manager at Jim Norton Toyota, is pleased:


“I rate automotiveMastermind a ‘10’ for simplicity – how user-friendly it is. I love predictive analytics, and Mastermind delivers on the spot what used to take me hours to do on my own. Seeing their simple dashboard was a WOW factor! Plus, the Management dashboard makes it easy for me to integrate Mastermind as part of my daily sales meeting.”

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