Audi of Tulsa is on a mission: To develop lifelong relationships with customers by ensuring that each Audi sold is a perfect fit. Until recently, there was no simple way to confidently assess an individual customer’s needs and preferences. Then Audi of Tulsa discovered innovative predictive behavior technology from automotiveMastermind. It not only provides the “personalized intelligence” to identify which automobile each customer wants, but provides the reasons why.


Audi is the fastest-growing luxury automotive brand in the Tulsa area and the excitement is just beginning. According to the dealership, its year-old partnership with automotiveMastermind is already playing a key role in generating sales, as well as providing a bright outlook for the future.

John Hill General Manager Audi of Tulsa


Audi of Tulsa understands the value of data mining technology and, in the past, has worked with a different leader in the auto marketing industry. But the Audi staff found their services limited, with “unsatisfactory” word tracks and not-so-favorable customer support. The dealer wanted more advanced analytics to enable a better vantage point for viewing each customer, as well as frequent high touch visits from a dealer support services team.

The Solution

Audi of Tulsa has revamped its sales process by placing automotiveMastermind’s dealership lead solutions at the core. Everyone is excited about having an easy-to-use service that puts a 360-degree view of each customer at their fingertips – empowering them to operate more efficiently and boost their income. No wonder 100% of team members utilize this game-changing customer data technology most days.


  • A proprietary algorithm generates Behavior Prediction Scores® (BPS) from 0-100 based on how likely that customer is to buy given the right offer.
  • Behavior Prediction Drivers (BPD) automatically create and deliver smart, meaningful marketing campaigns tailored to individual prospects.
  • A simplified interface quickly and clearly provides sales with personalized information and talking points for each customer.
  • It grants salespeople full authority to close deals, streamlining the selling process and building a consultative relationship with the customer, boosting their customer retention program.
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