Sell Cars More Efficiently

Sell more cars in less time

automotiveMastermind was developed by car people who have experienced your dealership’s pain points and sought to create easy-to-use auto dealer solutions. Those pain points sent Mastermind’s founders on their journey to transform the buying/selling process using Behavior Prediction Technology. Our targeted data empowers you to motivate people who are identified as most likely to buy new cars – placing your best customer opportunities first and resulting in incremental sales and revenue.

Improve Customer Experience

Building customer relationships is key

Sell with confidence utilizing automotiveMastermind’s breakthrough Behavior Prediction Technology. Our algorithms instantly identify shoppers who are most likely to to purchase a car and provide the specific reasons why. It’s a game-changer for the way automotive sales consultants do business – and for your dealership’s performance.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Boost dealership loyalty and customers' lifetime value

To stand out from the competition, auto dealers require more sophisticated lead management solutions than ever before. automotiveMastermind enables you to identify, reach and influence your brand’s most likely buyers with highly-targeted offers – closing more deals and strengthening customer relationships.

All the goods to give you great solutions
A suite of proprietary dealership solutions developed with brands and OEMs in mind

Gives you the most comprehensive customer data in one simple dashboard, proven to increase loyalty, retention and sales.

Predictive Marketing

Delivers the most personalized campaigns in the market, each as unique as the targeted customer’s needs and desires.

Service Conquest

Turns service drive customers into new car sales by targeting them when they are most likely to be buying a car.

High-tech delivered with high-touch support
We put people first and foremost: from brand to retailer to consumer
Most Frequent On-site Visits

Only Mastermind is so deeply engaged in your success that our Dealer Relations Teams conduct full-day visits every 30-45 days…

One-on-One Car Sales Training

Following initial training we provide ongoing face-to-face instruction to ensure that every member of your dealership’s sales team maximizes their potential…

Dealership Marketing Consultation

Our Dealer Relations Managers provide regular consultations to optimize your monthly campaign programming…

Data Integration Service

During implementation and beyond, we work to ensure that all the data sets and platform services sync to optimize performance…

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