Low-Touch Marketing with High-Quality Results

Market EyeQ’s Behavior Prediction Score® ranks your dealership prospects on a scale of 0-100 based on propensity to buy. Take the guesswork out of your dealership’s marketing strategy by automatically predicting who you should be marketing to, what offers motivate them to buy, and how soon you should begin marketing to them.


With Market EyeQ, your dealership gets insights into buying triggers that identify auto prospects who are soon to be in the market for a vehicle, even before they begin their car buying journey. Imagine having the intelligence of a complete customer profile at your fingertips for every buyer in your market. It’s like creating a virtual prioritized line of buyers outside your dealership doors!

  • Lower your cost-per-sale by an average of 80%
  • Generate up to a 15X marketing ROI
  • Increase your sales prospecting efficiency

The number of people walking in the showroom with a letter in hand was astonishing. In just under 12 weeks of partnership, we are averaging 55 sales a month with Market EyeQ.”

- Friendly KIA


Our marketing campaigns are effective because they are personalized to each prospect’s individual needs, quickly moving them from the “consideration” to the “shopping” phase. Market EyeQ keeps your dealership top of mind thanks to your proactive outreach with relevant and timely offers that address each buyers’ unique situation. Shorten the length of your car sales cycle and build customer loyalty at the same time!

  • Over 103,000 campaign template variations
  • Accurate data you don’t need to second-guess
  • Automation generates the right messages at the right time

The accuracy of the offers, payments and data were spot-on. I'm looking forward to continued success with Market EyeQ!"

- Prestige Cadillac

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Dealers who market with Market EyeQ see a 15X ROI and the lowest cost-per-sale in the industry.

15X ROI 

Based on consistent marketing with Market EyeQ

Cost Per Sale

Versus the NADA reported industry average of $624


Fueled by highly accurate data, Market EyeQ’s predictive campaigns focus on messaging that works. Each campaign builds off the other to convert high-potential new and pre-owned car buyers faster, in the optimal digital or physical format.

1. The Relationship Builder

The customer’s first micro-targeted offer.

2. The Account Notification

Concisely outlines the new offer with the most compelling benefits highlighted.

3. The Pain Point Solution

Focused on unique key sales-drivers.

4. The Brochure

Features a personalized handwritten-style note.

5. Nurturing a different audience

Personalized communications highlighting special sales events or new vehicle launches as well as custom outreach to service customers.

6. The Email

A digital touch-point to compliment direct mail campaigns.


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