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Mastermind simplifies and improves customer engagement for dealer groups, translating group-wide strategies into action with a user-friendly interface, in-person training and dedicated support.

Our Account Directors work with you to align training and direction to your group’s specific goals, whether that's rebuilding your lease portfolio, strengthening customer loyalty, targeting specific inventory, unifying marketing messaging with store level messaging, or any other top down initiatives.

Mastermind Data as a Service

Standardize and Scale Customer Communication Across Rooftops

Accessing and leveraging data across multiple dealerships can be a significant challenge for dealer groups, with efforts hindered by unreliable data sources like a DMS with dirty and/or duplicate data, inconsistent CRM usage and data entry and fragmented data lakes.

Mastermind enables dealer groups to bridge the gap between their group strategy and store-level operations by ingesting, enriching and activating customer data across all rooftops.

Seamlessly combining, cleaning and enriching aggregate data from various rooftops, Mastermind creates a single, accurate and refined data feed to provide dealer groups and their marketing partners unprecedented visibility into their customers’ journeys across the entire dealer network, supporting:

  • Marketing suppression
  • Campaign personalization
  • Enterprise-level retention
  • Customer experience improvements
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Inventory management
  • Employee engagement
  • Profit optimization
Unlock Group Potential

Engage and Retain Customers with Standardized Process and Personalized Marketing

By providing consistent, up-to-date and accurate data across dealerships, Mastermind enables groups to standardize their processes and optimize performance across multiple stores.

This standardization allows dealers to innovate and scale marketing outreach through automation and expanded capabilities, such as machine learning-powered audience segmentation, personalization and private incentive offers, increasing engagement and attribution via highly personalized campaigns across channels.

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We work with more than 480 dealer groups across the United States, ranging from less than five stores to the largest public Dealer Groups.

Data-Driven Decisions

Unlock Actionable Insights with Enterprise-Level Reporting

Optimized Opportunity Management
Data Hygiene Efficiencies
Performance Benchmarking
Incremental Opportunity Analysis

" Having clean data with Mastermind predictive analytics gives us a unique advantage to serve our customers with a personal touch.

Tom Moore - Morgan Automotive Group COO

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