Oxmoor Toyota has successfully utilized Mastermind’s Market EyeQ sales platform to present their loyalty, service, and conquest audiences with relevant reasons to purchase. They know this personalized and process driven approach, coupled with predictive marketing, will be the key to their success.


Oxmoor Toyota, based out of Louisville, KY, knows being a great dealership means more than following the bottom line. They believe quality products, dedicated customer service, and a culture that rises to the occasion to meet expectations at every step of the way is what sets them apart.


Oxmoor Toyota has found success by having a BDC work on generating leads and driving them to the dealership for their sales team to close. For the BDC to do their job effectively, they needed to be able to present consumers with relevant, compelling reasons to purchase. In the past, they had used other solutions that failed to gain traction internally or deliver the results that they were looking for.

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