With Market EyeQ, convert insights from your service drive into new sales.

With Market EyeQ, convert customer insights from your service drive into new sales. Our partnership with TransUnion gives you greater visibility on who is servicing at your dealership, including contract data, behavior drivers and more, allowing you to market to service customers with the right message at the right time in the consumer buying journey. Market EyeQ gives you the sales prospecting tools and trusted predictive marketing technology to turn satisfied service customers into new car buyers.


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  • Automatic Credit Pulls

        No manual data entry needed

  • No Hard Credit Inquiries

        Means no effect on credit score

  • Customize Cut Off

        Cut off based on dealer needs

  • Automatic Activation

        Of qualified buyers

  • Customized Marketing

        Based on customer data

  • Trusted Data

        From market leader TransUnion

How It Works

  • Set Up With TransUnion:

    Enable your dealership to run credit pulls on customers in your service drive

  • Automatic credit soft pulls each night:

    After meeting five key criteria for qualifications, in-market service drive customers are added to your dashboard with full details and visibility.

  • Predictive marketing that drives sales:

    Customers start receiving customized marketing communications catered to their needs, driving them back to your dealership to purchase.

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