Effective and Efficient Conquest Marketing

Conquest marketing is critical for dealers to maintain a competitive edge, whether your priority is to grow your local market or achieve bonus targets to stay profitable. However, conquest marketing is also complex, making it difficult to achieve results without exhausting your time and effort. Now there’s help with Market EyeQ’sConquest solution:

  • Identify the most likely in-market prospects

  • Optimize your marketing to sales funnel with direct insights into customer behavior

  • Drive the highest potential opportunities to a personalized consumer site

  • Engage prospects with the best message at the right time

  • Empower your sales team with direct access to leads that convert

Nurture Conquest Customers to Sale

Conquest automotive leads typically sit higher in the sales funnel. These prospects have entered the market to purchase a vehicle, but remain undecided on brand, model, and price. Market EyeQ’s Conquest solution identifies consumers at this moment of decision and enables you to:

  • Nurture and convert leads into qualified sales opportunities with personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Understand customer behavior with fully integrated audience visualization tools and comprehensive 360-degree reporting




The Results Are In!

Customer engagement rates for our pilot partner


Customers viewed their offer multiple times


Reserved their offer


Focus on The Right People

Our advanced behavior predictionalgorithms using high-quality data fromIHS/Polk allow us to identify the best inmarket customers for you. Our automated and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns then start the work to convert those customers, effectively and efficiently.

trends graph

Insight Into What Your Customers Think

Our interactive landing page gives consumers the opportunity to engage with your personalized dealership offer based on their needs, providing you direct insight into their buying preferences displayed directly on our dashboard.



Future Growth

Comprehensive 360-degree reporting helps you discover new areas for ongoing conquest sales. Our expert services team then works with you to monitor and track performance, providing strategic guidance on improving your conquest results.

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