Riverhead Toyota understands that the service drive has a steady, repeatable flow of customers every day – even when showroom traffic is down. They partnered with Mastermind to help them improve their service to sales process and begin maximizing their ROI.


Riverhead Toyota is a family owned and operated dealership in Riverhead, NY which boasts a full service new and used car selection. Their motto? Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent buying experience no matter what your price or model limitations are.


Since the sales team members at Riverhead Toyota weren’t working the service drive consistently, the reality of making outreach with every client that comes in for a conversion is far-fetched. They knew that they needed an effective and efficient process to sell more cars through the service drive, so they enlisted Mastermind’s sales platform to automate much of this process and offer customized personal offers for service customers to increase their new cars sold each month.

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