Like all dealerships, Route 44 Toyota has always prided itself on understanding its market – the Raynham and Taunton areas of Massachusetts. But it wasn’t until the Spring of 2017 that the dealership began to REALLY KNOW its individual customers’ needs and desires. That’s shortly after the time when Route 44 Toyota partnered with automotiveMastermind (aM) technology for personalized information, customized incentives, and micro-targeted automotive marketing campaigns that are now kicking vehicle sales into higher gear.


Route 44 Toyota is located in Raynham, Massachusetts about 1.5 hours south of Boston. To win business, the dealership offers customers a variety of new car incentives. With automotiveMastermind on board, proprietary behavior analytics are determining which of those personalized incentives and vehicles will work best to motivate individual sales prospects, making conversion of new customers exponentially better.

Tim Bruno General Manager Route 44 Toyota


Prior to its partnership with automotiveMastermind Route 44 Toyota was well aware of the benefits of data mining technology. It had signed on with a different leader in the field to work closely with its sales staff in finding meaningful consumer information. According to General Manager Tim Bruno, it wasn’t long before the team realized that it was doing a lot of the digging on its own to access needed information rather than benefiting from what the product was meant to deliver, according to General Manager Tim Bruno. This problem was worsened by the fact that the Account Rep was “never around” to assist. The GM wanted a true partner committed to mutual success.

The Solution

When aM first presented its innovative predictive behavior technology and auto dealer solutions to Route 44 Toyota, “It was like our previous data mining provider on steroids,” recalls Bruno. It featured “customer intelligence” and “real actionable offers” that are easily accessible at every desktop and mobile device, and built-in talking points that allow the store’s Business Development Center to have meaningful conversations with potential buyers.

Everyone was impressed by the dealership marketing platform’s many game-changing benefits: A Behavior Prediction Score® (BPS) from 0-100 based on how likely a customer is to buy, along with the exact reasons why; and Behavior Prediction Drivers (BPD) that create and deliver micro-targeted campaigns to individual prospects.

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