Convert Service Drive
Insights Into New Sales

Most service and repair revenue comes from people who didn’t buy their cars at your dealership – but you can ensure they will in the future.

Fully loaded with attractive benefits
Makes conquesting new customers easy and rewarding
Soft credit pulls to target the right customer

Transform the car-selling process by providing unknown equity and credit information, and other vital data, on service drive customers.

Spend less to conquest more

Typically it costs 6-7 times more to conquest a customer than with Mastermind. Our conquest campaigns produce a proven high ROI at a considerably lower cost-per-car-sale – an average of $1311. These sizeable savings translate into incremental profits.

Captures new and future revenue

Across all Mastermind dealerships surveyed, 15% of sales were driven by serviceMastermind2 – including both direct selling and predictive marketing campaigns. It’s a proven way to conquer business and create long customer relationships.

Quality and Performance
Driven by a powerful, fine-tuned tech machine
Retail and Customer-centric Dealership Software

Hundreds of thousands of original lines of code for customer data collection, predictive analytics and core web application functionality.

Modern Technology Stack

Core platform programmed in C# 6.0; runs on NET Framework 4.6. MongoDB for modeling/analytics; SQL server for dealer information.

Best-in-class Customer Data & Analytics Engine

Analytics engine uses 1,000+ global inputs per vehicle type and 1,000+ consumer inputs to generate Behavior Prediction Score using a patented algorithm.

Seasoned Development Team

Core development team is split into Back End, Front End and Data Science. Each team member brings 5-15 years of industry experience.

World-class Data Science Team

Skilled team focuses on improving the behavior prediction model. Team leader is a Stanford Physics PhD with background in predictive analytics and machine learning.

Stringent Security

Firewall, encryption, data protection, uptime guarantees, etc. Independent accreditations, such as SOC, provide ongoing monitoring and response.

Highly Scalable Platform

Based on micro services technology with horizontal scalability for growth.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure

Runs in Microsoft Azure with backup failover across regional data centers. New web and SQL server cluster were deployed in 3Q 2016, bringing full automatic failover to platform.

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